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I don’t know about you but I love a good ceramic. I mean I’m a collector of lots of things but I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.
modern vase, Baumman vaseTheo Baumman for Rosenthal vase
I first saw a beautiful white and gold vase in a prop rental place in New York and started following it on eBay. I found this one a bit later, and although it’s a bit more 70’s or 80’s than I was looking for I loved the geometric shapes and the vase looks great with colourful flowers. My favourite is those yellow pom pom flowers.

ode ceramic

Ode ceramics
I met the lovely ceramicist behind ode on another gumtree adventure and fell in love with this blue piece. I mean- it’s just gorgeous isn’t it?

rorstrand vaseRorstrand Bud Vase
These are another vintage find, I have some espresso cups from this pottery and bought these two separately on (again eBay). I kind of felt like I was reuniting sisters. I think these are Santa Lucia, and should have a candle and hold a posy of flowers. They have a real midcentury look and are such a cheerful addition to my collection.

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