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Felicity Cooney Bags Shoes Australian Made

I grew up in a pretty hippy home (we composted before it was a thing). I wanted to reflect my values of sustainability and having the smallest possible impact on the environment in my label. So - if you are looking for beautiful things that you don't have to feel green guilt about please explore our label.

So let's get transparent - here are the details of how we do things.

Sustainable Materials

Felicity Cooney Sustainable Materials bags shoes

Our leather goods are made of Roo leather, which is a sustainable alternative to traditional cow or sheep leather. Roo leather is third tier use of a material that would otherwise be thrown away. Roo leather is also a stronger, superior product so that our beautiful bags, shoes and accessories are strong, long wearing and luxuriously supple.

We select fabrics that are as green as possible. When buying fabric this includes choosing natural fibres that have been organically grown. Using fabric like Modal and organic cotton allow us to create clothing that looks and feels great. We also use 'dead-stock' fabric, giving a second chance to fabric that otherwise might have been thrown out.

Locally Sourced 

Wherever possible we source our materials locally. The tannery that produces our leather is about 45 minutes away from the studio. Seeing their manufacturing processes makes me feel confident in them as suppliers. I am happy to support their business just as they have been helpful and supportive to me. 

Locally Made

Our bags, leather accessories and clothing are all made in our studio on the Sunshine Coast. Our shoes and sandals are made by a Melbourne small business run by two women. We are growing our clothing line and are looking for an Australian factory so we will keep you posted on any developments! We will continue to support Australian production wherever we can! 

Zero Waste

Felicity Cooney Bags Shoes Australian Made

One of the important lessons that I learnt at University, Parsons the New School for Design, was the benefits of zero waste design. The philosopy of Zero waste design is to engineer your designs so that they produce as little left over fabric as possible, ideally under 5% fabric waste. The industry standard is a abysmal 20-30% fabric waste in garment production. 
I make our patterns to make them Zero waste. I use a laser cutter to cut the leather, which means that any pattern and placement can be engineered so that only a tiny amount would be thrown away... but in fact nothing is thrown away because I give all my little scraps to my brother's kindergarten class to use in craft projects. 

In the office... 

Felicity Cooney Bags Shoes Australian Made

Our office is run off our beautiful set of solar panels. We try to use as little paper as possible but when we have to print we use recycled paper and all your order slips are also printed on recycled paper. We use recycled cardboard in our boxes, and use minimal tissue paper to wrap your items. 

Planning for the future

We plan to keep our production circle as small as possible. To this end we try to make long term relationships with our suppliers and producers. 

How you can help

We encourage conscious consumption of slow fashion. You can help in the following ways.

Our shoes and sandals have a leather sole of the highest quality. Out goal is to create shoes that you can wear for years to come. As a conscious consumer you can extend the life of your shoes by getting a non-slip sole put on your shoes after a few wears. This can be done at most key-cutter/boot makers and is commonly called a Topy sole. 

You can help extend the life of your clothes by washing your clothes more gently, repairing clothing (like sewing on that missing button we all have) and choosing clothing outside of fast fashion. Quality over quantity!

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