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A moth thinks your fave jumper is a snack, you snag your coat on something, you love those vintage jeans so much that they get *not cute* rips or you get an impossible mustard stain on the collar of your jacket. I don't want these clothing mishaps to put something you love to the back of your wardrobe, the rag bag or landfill! This patch kit contains everything you need to revive your favourites with a statement patch. You don’t need to be craft-y  Just scan the QR code above for easy peasy instructions. 

I design and make bags- when I was doing some “invisible mending” I totally got the ick about the stitching… by trying to blend it in, it totally stood out. So I thought about that for a bit and decided if it “stood out” it looks more on purpose.

 So it's a great thing to keep in that drawer with those extra buttons, a gift for sustainability minded folks or fashionistas.

PS- I also just use these as a fun embellishment too!

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