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Postcard from Sydney

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I am just back from a weekend in Sydney. I managed to fit a few things in around all my time being Auntie to the Balmain family.

Sydney Australia

I went to a great class at The Indigo Project, , on the science of manifesting. I am not a woo woo person at all but I think we all need help picturing and focusing on positive things in life. Avoiding stress and anxiety is a bit like a kid riding a bike, if you focus on the problem you run right into it. I’m really keen to take a class on meditation soon to keep practicing these things.

Some of my family lives in Birchgrove, near Balmain in Sydney. It was so great to take some time out, appreciate the sunshine and walk around the suburb. My shopping hotspots in Balmain are : Bassike (it's the sleekest little shop and I really want to buy a striped tee from them), Aesop  (my go to shop for a ‘Treat Yo Self’ moment), Duck Egg Blue (they do the best window displays) and of course Adriano Zumbo’s  bread is top notch (I know he is known for sweets, but nothing beats great bread for me).

My final tip for the wanderers and real estate obsessed is… on daily walks I love to pick a house I’d like to live in. Sometimes it’s a terrace house that's painted with peeling pink paint and sometimes it's an old  corner grocery store that has been converted into a home. It’s a great way to look with fresh eyes on a new or old and familiar area and really makes you notice beautiful architectural details.

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