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Pink Cloud Brogue

Designer: Felicity Cooney


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Made in Australia from local and ethically sourced materials.

ThePink brogues that we released in 2019 must be the style I am most emailed about. I wanted to create a new Pink for 2020, which actually turned out to be pretty hard. I tried but couldn’t find a leather of the right quality in Pink, so I had to figure out this challenge. Through rounds and rounds of experimentation I mixed a pink leather dye and airbrushed it on to the base of sustainably and ethically sourced roo leather. Because of the airbrushing technique the Pink colour is a soft cloudy effect. 2020 Cloud Pink is a more saturated and deeper colour that 2019 Pink. Because of the nature of the hand dying finish, contact with alcohol based liquids could change and lift the colour. The brogues are made of sustainably and ethically sourced roo leather, that is a byproduct that would otherwise be discarded.

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